Improving Concentration
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Improving mental focus
Improve Your Concentration Quickly and reliably
Replace mental chatter and mind wandering with deep concentration

Improve Your Concentration
by 50% or More Within 3 Weeks!

I've been involved with body-mind development methods since the 1970's, [and] I was surprised by an immediate change and increase in both my sensory perception and concentration capabilities.

-- Eric Sommer - CEO Advanced Data Management Systems.

Dear friend,

Not being able to focus and concentrate is a lot more distressing than most people realize.

I've been there.

I know.

Even though I was never diagnosed, I used to have many of the ADD and ADHD symptoms. My mind was incessantly distractive. It never stopped. I had no inner peace, no quiet, ever.

I often wondered how someone could sit for hours in the same spot, and singlemindledly work on one specific task. Or sit quietly or even walk on the beach or in a field without thinking or doing nothing. It was impossible for me because my mind would be all over the place.

For instance, I couldn't understand how people could meditate. When I sat down and tried to meditate, or relax to create some inner peace, I was squirming within minutes, peeking at the watch, thinking about when the time was up.

It's not like I didn't try to improve my mind. I maintained a healthy diet, exercised regularly and tried to get a good nights sleep. Tried, I say, because most of the time I couldn't. My restless mind would wake me up every two hours or so.

I read everything I could on the mind and brain. Sure enough, I had a better understanding of how the mind and brain worked, but it didn't improve my condition.

But that's how I got information on all the different methods and techniques that were said to be able to improve my concentration.

It was time for some experimenting.

I have been able to maintain focus for about 40-45 minutes and could have probably went longer... [and] So far this thought stopping technique has proven to be a most enlightening and powerful experience.

Thank you.
-- J. Burton., via e-mail

First I tried taking substances such as vitamins, herbal extracts, supplements and smart drugs. Not the hard core prescription drugs like Ritalin. I wanted to build and strengthen my brain, without taking a chance on all the adverse reactions and negative side effects.

The herbal extracts, supplements and smart drugs worked ok, but only partially. I got a buzz, a short-term mental boost, but only for the duration of the substance. Then I'd be back to the same old. Plus it was not cheap, let me tell you.

I wanted something more permanent. Something that lasted. A long-term solution. So I listened to classical baroque music, you know, Mozart and stuff like that. My focus improved a little bit, but not much. Within a day my mind was back to it's old self again.

So then I got myself a light and sound machine. That really zonks you out and balances your left and right brain hemispheres. It was good for a while. A nice brain massage. I had more emotional balance. I could withstand more stress. But my mind still went on and on, non-stop.

It was time for a major breakthrough. Maybe I needed to change my self image, beliefs and behaviors.

So I started experimenting with behavioral modification techniques such as self-hypnosis, autosuggestion, subliminal programming and stuff like that. I even got myself a degree in NLP and graduated from the Avatar course.

These people were giving me the manual to the mind. I was fiddling with my mental programming. Learning the MindCode so to speak. How to install or remove beliefs. How to get rid of bad habits, acquire new abilities, clear emotional blocks.

Things were happening.

This is easily the most powerful technique I have seen. I can't believe no one has come up with this sooner.

Thank you very much.
-- John E. Slaughter, author - via e-mail

I was getting closer and closer to my goal. Fine tuning techniques. Getting more and more improvements. Reducing the mental noise. Things were looking great. I was making progress.

But it was slow and required a lot of work. I needed something that was easier and worked faster. Something more powerful and more effective.

Remember I told you about my experience with meditation. Even though I was no good at it, I had noticed that it was very effective in calming the mind and improving concentration.

Most of the people I met who meditated seemed calm and quiet. Not everybody though. There are some pretty stressed out meditators out there!

But I had a very hard time sitting still, and I didn't like the oriental religious overtones or the philosophical indoctrination. I just wanted to improve my concentration without learning scriptures or becoming a Yogi or a Buddhist. (Not that there's anything wrong with either).

So I went looking again.

By now I had realized that our brain behaves a lot like a muscle. Our brain cells, like our muscles, need exercise to stay healthy. Not only that, scientists were pinpointing specific brain areas that were associated with specific behaviors and abilities.

The course is great. I have actually been able to control my mind for the first time. This has helped get some benefits from all those self help books and courses.

-- Nick Rayner.

So I went through the latest scientific research on the brain to find out where mental focus and concentration was located in the brain. And sure enough, it was located in an area in the front of your brain just behind your forehead. It's called the prefrontal cortex, or the frontal lobes.

It turns out that this area is your brain's control center. They call it The Executive Function of the brain. It's the part that controls all the other parts of the brain. The main control center for your attention and mind. The brains CEO.

By now I had not only found where my concentration was located, I had developed powerful neurological exercises that worked directly on the executive function of the brain.

And I discovered that exercising your executive function and attentional control center directly is the easiest and quickest way you can use to improve your focus and concentration. Period!

So now I've put together an awesome package with all the latest and best techniques and processes.

It's Called the Focus Power Program and it's like nothing you've seen before. You'll learn stuff you'll not get anywhere else, and you'll discover easy-to-follow methods that really work - and work fast.

You no longer have to suffer from lack of mental focus and concentration. You can quickly and easily replace mental chatter and mind wandering with deep mental focus and concentration.

I've been rolfed, reiked, chi kunged, energized more than a Diehard battery. I've been in places that make the trippy sequences of 2001 seem like a church picnic. It takes a lot to knock my socks off, but you've done it.

I'm using the Thought Stopping technique at the inception of any possible illness or adversity and it opens up SUCH SPACE.

Thank you very much.
-- Mark Jackier, via e-mail

Lets take a look at just a few of the many
important things you’ll be able to do with the Focus Power Program:

  • Quickly and easily improve your mental focus and concentration by 50% or more in three weeks.

  • Stop your internal dialog and mental chatter in it's tracks in a matter of minutes and replace it with a deep inner clam and stillness.

  • Concentrate at will and examine in depth any given topic, even in extremely distracting situations for extended periods of time and with less effort.

  • Keep your mind glued to tasks that need to be completed and prevent irrelevant sights and sounds from disrupting your attention.

  • Stop yourself from mentally tuning out and drifting away even though you are bored, tired or sleepy.

  • Get a lot more done in less time and effortlessly handle many projects and tasks at the same without losing control.

  • Easily overcome restlessness, frustration and irritation and maintain emotional balance and control even under extreme pressure.

  • Prevent careless and costly mistakes by being able to pay exquisite attention to details and spot hidden problems that others overlook.

  • End physical and cognitive restlessness and addictive behavior and clear away the obstacles and thought patterns that sabotage mental clarity.

  • Solve problems faster and more effectively and finish in minutes what takes others hours or even days to complete.

  • Skillfully plan in what order to do a series of tasks or activities and make better decisions and plans that are easier to achieve.

  • Think more clearly, reason more effectively and recall facts and figures with more clarity and detail.

The Focus Power Program Package

The Focus Power Program is a self paced, facilitated program that gives you easy-to-follow instructions on how to test, measure, and improve your mental focus and concentration quickly and easily.

The Focus Power Program Includes:
  1. A comprehensive step-by-step e-book training manual, with tests, techniques, exercises and support materials.
  2. Access to the Focus and Concentration Improvement community and resources.
  3. Personal assistance from the program facilitator.
  4. Notifications of product developments, improvements and innovations.
  5. Updates on the latest mind development and brainbuilding techniques.


Just wanted to write and thank you. The Thought Stopping technique is amazing, the most amazing things are:
  1. It seems so simple.
  2. It works.
Before trying it, I had the pre-conception that repeating what you heard would be a kind of NLP, but it wasn't. Both the conscious and the sub-conscious seemed to come together, and then leave me.

Besides, I just wanted to say, thanks very much.

--Eric, (Tokyo) - via e-mail

How The Focus Power Program Works

Take three simple tests to measure your focus and concentration performance levels to establish a baseline in order to measure and monitor future performance improvements.

Quiet and calm your mind with a very simple but powerful technique that allows you stop internal dialog and improve your focus and concentration dramatically.

Practice the simple and easy daily exercises that help you get control over your mind and attention. Research has shown that the best way to improve your focus and concentration is to practice a little bit every day.

On the whole this includes everything you need to improve your focus and concentration quickly and easily.

But in addition to the above, if you ever need special assistance, support or motivation you can always visit our online community. To share your ideas, ask questions, read articles and reports and get help with special problems through other participants or through private e-mail exchanges with the facilitator.

I have reached a level where I can sustain focus for 30 mins. I have enjoyed the exercises and feel like I've reached a deeper understanding of the mind. The simplicity of the technique is satisfying.

--K. Young , student

Get Results Now!

The Focus Power Program is only $55. Which is not a high price to pay for eliminating the mental frustration, the physical restlessness, the mind wandering and excessive internal dialog, the loss of control, the continous distractions that are associated with lack of concentration.

And my program does it for you.

Don't settle for anything less than the feeling of being in complete control. Don't let lack of focus and concentration stand in your way any more. Rid your mind of it - forever.

Click here to order the Focus Power Program now! and you'll receive three free gifts that will have you controlling your mind and attention in no time flat.
    FREE GIFT #1: The Thought Stopping Technique.
    FREE GIFT #2: The Visual Countdown Mind Control Technique.
    FREE GIFT #3: The Emotional Clearing Technique.

How to Order The Focus Power Program

The program is available at any time and at any place.

To summarize what you get with your order:
  • You get the completely updated "Focus Power Program" e-book with the latest and most advanced methods and techniques to improve your focus and concentration, delivered to you via e-mail or immediate download.
  • You get a one year access to a members-only Web site with training materials, tools to test and measure your progress and improvements, articles, tips, mailing list and more.
  • You get news and updates on our latest research and development efforts and discoveries and e-mail notifications of significant developments on the Web site.
  • You get discounts on various products and services related to brainbuilding and mind development.
  • You get my personal e-mail support and assistance whenever you need it for a whole year.
  • You get free updates to The Focus Power Program for a whole year.
Click here to order now, and you'll have The Focus Power Program in your hands within minutes...

With warm regards,

Gardar Gardarsson PNLP
CEO, Astromind Cognitive Research and Development
+354 899-7716

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Improve Your Mental Focus and Concentration
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